How to Choose the Right Screen Size for Your Digital Display

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The right size for your digital display or digital signage can vary depending on its intended use. Meeting room panel displays tend to be small and mounted on the wall outside a conference room. Meanwhile, you can have large digital advertising displays in shopping centres.

With solutions such as video walls, you can even incorporate a floor-to-ceiling display. The limits are determined by the measurements of your room. There won’t be many use cases where using up an entire wall is necessary, but it’s helpful to know that it’s an option.

You’ll want the screen size to be appropriate for the available space and purpose. It’s also important to research what will most resonate with your target audience.

Information Density & Viewing Distance

Once you’ve chosen your digital display, all your content will need to be created in the right ratio and dimensions for your display. Content that’s blurry or not in proportion won’t generate the results you’re looking for and will lower your ROI.

Viewing distance will also be important. If you would like your audience to read and understand detailed information, place the screen no more than four times its height away.

For every metre, you want to add around three inches to your screen size to ensure maximum impact. If you simply want your content to be readable, you can go slightly smaller. For example, if people are just two metres away from the screen, the screen size recommendation for the greatest impact is a minimum of five inches. If someone is 10 metres away, that amount increases to 27 inches.

Multi-Panel Displays

If you’re hoping to display lots of content that can be watched or read simultaneously, a multi-panel digital signage system might be the best option. This is ideal for showcasing restaurant menu boards, live transport timetables, business performance metrics or even to create a more engaging display at a tourist attraction. This will help you to display all the information you need, without disengaging your audience with too much fine print.

Get expert advice to choose the right screen size for your digital signage system

Contact the digital signage experts at Remark Group today. We hope the information outlined in this article will help you choose the right screen size. If you still need assistance, or don’t have time for trial and error, our experts will be able to conduct a site survey and choose the right screen sizes for your use case.