How To Display Emergency Alerts Throughout a Workplace

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If something was to go wrong in your workplace, are your current procedures and systems as effective as they could be? As an employer or manager of a facility, health and safety is an important consideration and should take precedence.

There are many technology solutions available that can enhance the awareness and response time for a workplace emergency. Digital signage can be used to show real-time notifications, ideal for workplaces where health and safety are paramount. It’s not just about handling emergencies; preventing them is just as crucial.

Health, safety and security issues might include the following:

· Tailgating and attempted unauthorised entry into high-security areas
· Overcrowded rooms
· Fires
· Floods
· Storms
· Terrorist attacks
· Chemical spills
· Gas leaks
· Machinery or electrical malfunctions
· Protests

Digital signage can help management, employees and site visitors take the safest course of action should they occur. They can also prevent some of these risks, such as overcrowding.

Real-time health and safety alerts

Digital signage solutions can be integrated with IP cameras and sensors to provide real-time alerts and notifications when health and safety measures aren’t being abided by. They can also send notifications to facility teams who can update digital signage within minutes. Any updates can be pushed live remotely to multiple locations.

You should have a plan of action in place to deal with various types of emergencies and health and safety issues.

Digital signage can notify employees of an emergency and provide clear, highly visible instructions on what to do. Other systems include displaying alerts or notifications on computer screens or through mobile devices.

Prevention through education

In facilities where there are more health and safety risks, such as warehouses and factory floors, digital signage can be used to display the latest safety training videos.
Whether you manage a workforce and facility in the transport, manufacturing, construction or medical sector, a digital screen also makes health and safety notices more engaging by showing images, text and videos.

How can we help?

Want to learn more about how digital signage could help keep your workplace safer? Contact the digital signage team at Remark Group. We are digital display installation experts that provide a fully bespoke solution to match your business requirements. Having a centralised system in place is integral to alerting employees and site visitors of any threats to their health and safety.