How to Enhance Your Event Production With Digital Signage

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In this guide, we’re looking at how you can utilise digital signage to enhance your event production, particularly for a larger venue. Digital signage allows for dynamic, constantly changing content if desired. You can showcase engaging, informative visuals as well as video and interactive elements.


When your guests arrive, they will want to be able to find their way around. Digital signage can help save time and frustration for guests as they can quickly find their current location in relation to where they want to go.

Advertise what’s on offer

If you’re hosting an event at a large conference centre, you may have several scheduled talks and presentations as well as plenty of stands. Digital signage is a good way to showcase what’s on offer. Visitors may even attend new talks that they hadn’t considered before, maximising the turn-out for each event.

You can include a digital schedule board that automatically updates as the day progresses. That way, visitors can see at a glance what they’d like to see next.

Digital signage is also an eye-catching and informational way to introduce a keynote speaker. Featuring a bio, testimonials, videos and marketing materials will help to increase excitement for the upcoming session.

Make your event more professional

If you’re hosting a business-to-business event, utilising digital signage in the right way can enhance the professionalism of your venue. Digital displays are more visible and engaging than static information boards. They are also more dynamic and can be updated at the touch of a button, making it easier for you to manage content creation for your event.

Increase engagement

A simple way to increase engagement during a presentation is to encourage audience participation. With a large display in your conference room, you can present live audience results or social media reactions. You can also use these digital tools to enhance your presentation.

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