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Digital signage has come a long way over the past decade. There have been updates on screen resolution (the quality of the picture display) and plenty of new features and options available on the market. There have been plenty of advancements in this technology. Today, it’s becoming more widely available across the commercial sector. It's cheaper than it used to be, and businesses can now afford upgrades that were previously way outside the budget.
In this article, we’re looking at how to improve the digital signage experience to give your ROI a boost and enhance the experience for your customers and users.

Choose a sharper resolution

The higher the resolution, the clearer your display will be. The latest advancement is 8K which is 8x sharper than Full HD. However, 4K and Full HD also offer decent clarity on the visual display. We recommend not going for anything lower than that. So, if you have a standard HD resolution, it might be time to upgrade, especially if your competitors are benefitting from a brighter, clearer display. Other display enhancements you can consider include maximising contrast and brightness.

Use interactive displays

Interactive displays are an effective way to engage your audience. They can also create convenience - something that is increasingly valued by today’s consumers. Let’s say you’re operating a restaurant. Touchscreen ordering portals can help decrease queuing times. They can also lessen pressure on front-of-house employees, who can channel their efforts into other tasks that help the restaurant run smoothly.
Another use case for interactive workplace displays includes smart shelves in brick-and-mortar stores. Instead of simply browsing through the shelves, customers can learn more about the products they’re interested in by displaying the latest advertisement or a video tutorial on how to use the product.
Wayfinding maps are another use case that helps users find their way around larger buildings, such as shopping centres, events or a university campus.

Pair with smart technology for intuitive displays

Smart technology is useful for occupancy control. Meeting room display panels can show when an office is in use and ensure they’re not booked over their capacity limit. This helps keep workplaces safe and makes managing meetings easier.

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