How To Improve Your Restaurant With Digital Signage

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Looking for ways to enhance your restaurant, cafe or bar? In this article, we’re revealing some of the ways you can use digital signage to improve your restaurant. Whether your goal is to improve the customer experience or make life easier for your front-of-house staff, both of these can also give your revenue a boost.

Digital menu boards

Digital menu boards can create a highly visible platform for your visitors. Showcase your latest menu offerings and daily specialist or discounts. Mounting above your ordering tills will help your customers choose their food and drink with ease. The benefit of using digital? It can be updated within seconds from anywhere. This can remove the disappointment of ordering something that’s no longer available. It can also ensure your latest offerings are advertised with ease, without the expense and time that would usually be spent on printed versions.

Food ordering portals

Particularly beneficial in a busy fast-food restaurant, a food ordering portal allows the customer to seamlessly order at their own pace. You can even showcase items that are often purchased together to boost your revenue.

Giving customers the option to sign-in if you have a loyalty programme can also help customers order their usual food more quickly, as well as earn them more loyalty points.

Touchscreen ordering displays can also save time and pressure on your front-of-house staff as they can prioritise behind-the-scenes food preparation over serving customers.

They are easy to clean and if you offer voice control capabilities, they can even be fully contactless.

Grow your brand personality

Want to create an ambient, personality-driven restaurant environment. Digital displays are an effective way to showcase on-brand mantras, images and video material that could enhance the customer experience.

Monitor analytics

By seeing which products are the most popular and which ones don’t seem to perform as well as you’d like, you can make more informed decisions when it comes to ordering ingredients and understanding your customer.

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