How to Keep Digital Touchscreen Displays Clean

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When it comes to cleanliness, touchscreens are often very deceptive; while many modern screens seem to resist fingerprints well and appear spotless, on closer inspection you’ll often find they can host bacteria and grime from the rigours of daily use.

This is an especially pertinent issue today, the COVID-19 pandemic having changed our perspective on cleanliness and sanitisation for good.

But that’s not the only issue. Dirt built up on a touchscreen can not only impact the clarity and vibrancy of the display, but eventually interfere with its responsiveness too.

So, what can you do to effectively clean your touchscreen without doing it any harm?

Begin with a microfibre cloth

Most of the time, a decent quality microfibre cloth alone will be enough to restore a touchscreen’s lustre. Not only do these cloths polish the screen and make it shine once more, their construction attracts small particles of dirt and grime to leave your screen nice and clean.

Not all microfibre cloths are created equal though - some can leave small bits of material on the screen, so it’s best to opt for a lint-free one for a flawless finish.

Turn your screen off first, as it’ll make it much easier to spot all of the imperfections. Then carefully buff it with your microfibre cloth, applying only light pressure - there’s no need to push hard. Don’t be tempted to use anything other than a soft cloth, as you may end up scratching the screen.

Stubborn dirt and marks

If the cloth alone doesn’t shift all of the dirt, you can lightly dampen it for a more effective deep clean. Most of the time this is all that’s needed to bring your touchscreen’s shine back - just be careful not to wet the cloth too much and make sure that your device is turned off before you use a damp cloth, just to be safe.

Avoid using alcohol-based cleaners at all costs, as they can damage the screen’s oleophobic coating - the very thing which helps it resist the buildup of fingerprints.

To disinfect a touchscreen, you can use isopropyl alcohol - just make sure you power down your device first and spray the liquid onto the cloth first, rather than onto the screen. Applying light pressure and refraining from using too much alcohol should help preserve the screen’s oleophobic coating.

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