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If you’re thinking about acquiring digital signage as part of your marketing, advertising or company performance strategy, you’ll want to know that the success can be tracked. You wouldn’t set up a digital marketing campaign without tracking the performance against your business goals. Digital advertising and signage shouldn’t be any different. In this guide, we’re looking at ways you can measure the ROI.

Use unique web addresses using QR codes

By adding a unique URL address with a QR code, you can easily track how your digital signage is performing by monitoring how many people enter your website using those unique links.

Discount codes

If the discount codes are only displayed across your digital displays, this is an effective way to see how many people follow through with the intended action of this marketing channel. This is particularly effective for ecommerce websites or service-based businesses that have sign-ups.

Touch screen interactions

Touch screen interactions are easy to monitor. You can track how many people check-in at a hotel or order food, and find the most popular times and days. You can use this data to create an even smoother experience for customers and guests.

If you’re displaying digital brochures, you can track which pages and products get the most views. This could help you decide which products to display. For instance, you may choose to showcase your products that don’t seem to be getting as much attention as you’d like, or you could highlight the trending products to get even more sales.

If your customers are able to directly make orders or purchases through your displays, all this data can be tracked so you can monitor how many sales were made through this channel and which items were the most or least popular.

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Now that you’re satisfied you can measure the success of digital signage, contact the installation experts at Remark Group. We can help you find the right digital display solution to give your marketing a boost.