Digital Signage: How To Show Meeting Room Availability?

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Digital Signage solutions are a great tool that can be integrated with Meeting Room Booking Systems to display room availability. Digital Signage can display information in real-time for multiple spaces and rooms. This ensures that all areas can be utilised to their full potential and employees can easily see what space is available and when.

If you’re looking to showcase your meeting room availability with Digital Signage, we’ve created a helpful guide.

The good news is that you can automate this process

Using PIR-motion detection sensors as part of a smart room, you can connect this technology to your meeting room display panel. If someone enters the meeting room, the sensors will detect motion and automatically update your display panel in real-time to show that the room is occupied.

The panel can use a colour system as well as text-based updates to alert people to the room status. Mounted on the wall outside the room, this panel will be clearly visible.

Room status updates can also be synchronised with your calendar software and Microsoft Outlook. This ensures all your employees can see at a glance, from any internet-connected device, whether a room is available or not. They can also receive invites through email.

Status updates can show when a meeting is in progress, occupancy levels and when a room is available.

No more double-booking, no overcrowded spaces, and fewer interruptions during meetings.

You can also use digital signage to showcase timetables for the day so your team can see exactly which meeting rooms are in use throughout the workday.

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