How to Use Digital Signage in Manufacturing Plants

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Factories can be noisy, fast-paced environments. Productivity and health and safety are key areas that managers will want to maintain and improve. In this guide, we’re looking at how manufacturing facilities can utilise digital signage to enhance the work environment and improve performance on the factory floor.

Measure Progress

It’s easy for employees to feel detached from the value of their work when they don’t see the end result or how their efforts are helping to generate good results. Digital signage is one way you can display performance and progress. With real-time updates, you won’t have to worry about manually editing the dashboard display. Instead, performance can be linked up with your live sales and analytics metrics. You’re using information you already have but making it more accessible.

With visual graphs, your employees on the factory floor can see at a glance whether performance is on track, exceeding expectations or behind target. This is useful data for your line managers.

Boost Productivity

If used correctly, digital signage can also boost productivity. You can use it to incentivise and motivate your workforce to perform better and push to reach their targets.

Display Health & Safety Alerts

Health and safety is paramount in a factory environment. With the risk of machinery malfunctions or risk of injury if not wearing the right protective gear or following safe working practices, digital signage can help you maintain a safe workplace. From displaying emergency workplace alerts to showcasing the latest health and safety training videos and notifications, digital displays are more likely to get the attention of your employees than a static printed poster.

You have the added benefit of being able to more easily update content and ensuring important information is seen by the right people at the right time.

If there is an emergency at your plant, you can alert your employees through the digital signage system and display the appropriate course of action.

Celebrate Your Employees

An important work anniversary or big birthday? Digital signage allows you to give your employees the recognition they deserve and make them feel part of the team. This will help you create a supportive company culture.

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