How To Use Digital Signage To Enhance Your Tourist Attraction

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Tourist attractions, visitor centres and heritage sites can benefit from using digital displays in the right way. From helping visitors to effectively find their way to promoting upcoming events, we’re highlighting the key ways that you can use digital signage to improve the customer experience and increase footfall.

Wayfinding maps

If you operate a particularly large site, having a wayfinding kiosk or map can be helpful for visitors. With touchscreen capabilities you can ensure people quickly identify where they are and where they’d like to go. It will help make their experience more enjoyable and help them make the most of their day.

Providing information

Museums and heritage sites can benefit from digital displays. It allows for more creative audio-visual capabilities. You can deliver information in a way that’s both informative and visually entertaining. If your venue is family-friendly, adding interactive elements can help children to engage with your displays. You can use screens or even projection walls.

Local business advertising

If your attraction is near a city with plenty of local businesses that would welcome the trade from visiting tourists, you could advertise shops, restaurants and other attractions. You could even generate a revenue stream from this initiative.

Interactive booking kiosks

Another way you can attract more visitors to engage with events that have an occupancy or attendance limit is to use an interactive booking kiosk. That way, visitors can easily sign up to a show or an event.

Promote upcoming events

If you have special events coming up, perhaps a seasonal firework display, show or exhibition, you can promote ahead of time and encourage visitors to buy tickets through digital advertising.

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