How To Use Digital Signs Within Hospitals and GP Surgeries

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Digital signs have a multitude of uses in the health sector. From helping patients and visitors find their way around your building and wards, to reminding people to book seasonal vaccines and check-ups, digital signage is a versatile communication channel that is highly visible. In this guide, we’re showcasing the top ways your hospital or GP surgery could use digital signs to improve your service.

Patient check-in

One of the increasingly popular ways to speed-up patient check-in processes is to install an interactive check-in portal. This is a screen that can be mounted on the wall in your waiting area. Patients have the option to avoid queueing for a receptionist, benefiting from a quicker, contactless check-in process. This will automatically update with your system, and enable your busy employees to focus on other important administration tasks.


If your hospital or doctor’s surgery is a large premises with many floors and corridors, you can help your patients and visitors find their way more easily. Add up-to-date floor maps, or highly visible arrows pointing out specific facilities - digital signs can be installed and configured in a number of ways to suit your premises. Perhaps you’ve identified areas where visitors seem more likely to lose their way and ask staff for directions. You can eliminate this issue with strategically placed wayfinding screens. This will also make visitors feel more at ease.

Reminders and updates

You can also use digital signage to update visitors of changes to your health services, advertise where they can access online health resources and remind them to book their seasonal vaccines and check-ups. You can also advertise good hygiene habits to prevent the spread of seasonal bugs or COVID-19.

Access control

Digital signs can also be used for access control. If you’re limiting the numbers of people who can enter a ward, you can alert visitors not to enter.

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