How to Plan For Your Digital Signage Installation

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There’s more to digital signage than simply choosing the screen and the content you want to showcase. Whether you want to employ digital signage to inform, entertain or promote, you’ll want this marketing channel to make a sizable impact on your business goals. That’s where planning effectively is important. This guide offers some helpful planning stages and tips from the experts. We’re listing a comprehensive digital signage installation plan to help you choose the right solution and related services.

Network planning

Choosing a reliable internet source or other connection device is important to keep your content flowing smoothly and functioning without interruption.

Ethernet, wireless or cellular connections are all networks to consider. You can also use a USB to display content, however this isn’t recommended for multiple digital signage installations as this will take time to update.

A reliable internet or data source connection is particularly crucial where real-time information updates are required - such as with food ordering and check-in portals and live transport timetables.

Choose your screen and media player

There are many screen options, which offer various use cases. Taking the time to research your options, considering the location, target audience and purpose of the content will help you choose the right solution.

For screens, LED is often favoured over LCD. This is due to their longer lifespan and higher quality picture display. You can also choose to have a projection display, rather than a screen.

Other considerations include whether you want interactive display elements and whether you would like to include audio as part of your display.

Install and test

When your chosen digital signage solution is ready to install, you’ll also need to get it tested by the engineers. They’ll be able to identify any electrical or performance issues that require attention. Piloting your content on a small scale before applying to all your systems is also recommended. That way, you can identify any issues with the content or the display before launching across your entire organisation.

If you’re investing in a high-end solution, you want to know that the end result is not just fit for purpose, but will exceed your expectations. That’s what we aim to achieve at Remark Group.

Top Tip: Involve an experienced digital signage AV/IT integrator. They will know the common technical pitfalls and best practices.

Think about maintenance and support

Once your digital signage is up and running, you’ll also want to ensure you’ve got maintenance and support on hand should any issues arise.

Speak to the digital signage installation and AV experts at Remark Group today. We’ll ensure you choose the right solution for your target audience, use case and business goals. Contact us to arrange a site survey so our experts can identify the optimum locations and solutions for your digital signage.