Using Digital Signage For Company Messages - Top Benefits

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For businesses with offices, one of the key uses for digital signage can be to relay company messages to your in-house teams and visitors. Whether that’s updating employees on the latest company news and events, highlighting health and safety notices or changes to opening hours, there are plenty of key communications that you can display through digital signage. In this quick guide, we’re looking at the top benefits of using digital signage to send company messages, along with plenty of examples.

Digital screen messages vs email communications

One of the biggest ways companies currently relay important information to their colleagues is through email. While there is nothing objectively wrong with using this platform, it’s easy for an email to get buried in your inbox amongst other emails. But, with digital signage screens placed around your building, updates are not likely to go unnoticed for long. Digital signage is certainly more visually appealing than an email - not forgetting that visual content is often easier to digest than text.

Visual content is more memorable

Visual information can be processed between 6 and 600 times faster than text and is easier to remember. This means less time is spent taking in internal communications and less of the important information will be forgotten.

Keep your employees in the loop

Got an exciting event coming up? Want your employees to know that your sales figures are up? Are your opening hours changing? You can keep your employees in the loop with digital signage messaging. By placing the screens in reception areas, near doorways or even in your canteen area, you can attract their attention and keep everyone aware of any updates.

Boost your company culture

If you have an employee of the month, have reached an exciting business milestone, or have just booked your next work social event, you can give your company culture a boost by sharing achievements and social updates with all your employees.

From getting more employees to sign-up for an event to making sure high standards for health, safety and wellbeing are upheld, there are plenty of benefits to leveraging digital signage for company messages.

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