Using Digital Signage To Improve Workplace Safety

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Workplace safety is something that should always be taken seriously. Not only does your business have legal obligations, it’s also a good idea to make your employees feel safe and comfortable to ensure they’re able to work at their best.

In this guide we’re looking at the top ways digital signage can be utilised to improve workplace safety.

Top 3 Ways Digital Signage Can Improve Workplace Safety

Hygiene Reminders

We all understand the importance of washing or sanitising our hands on a regular basis to prevent the spread of viruses and bacteria. Having strategically placed digital signs can help encourage visitors and employees to do their bit to remind everyone to maintain high-levels of hygiene.

Incorporating improved hygiene into the office routine should also help lower the number of sickness absences, making these simple digital reminders a beneficial business decision.

Occupancy Control

With digital signage, you can give clear signals when a room is at full occupancy. Depending on your premises, this could be particularly useful for meeting rooms and canteens.

If your business is operating with set occupancy levels, digital signage is a clear way to communicate when a room is at full capacity to maintain social distancing, or to give directions if you’re operating a one-way system.

Live Notification Updates

With live notification updates, you can easily relate the latest health and safety news and guidelines.

If there’s been a health and safety incident in the building, such as a leak, digital signs can communicate this instantly.

The great thing about digital signs is that they are fully adaptable - you can change what they are showing almost instantly. So, when your environment or policies change, you can quickly adapt your signs to help implement or reflect these changes.

They’re efficient, and due to the brightness of the screen and immersive capabilities, they are more visible and noticeable than a poster.

To have a look at our digital signage technology and how it could work for your business, book a demonstration with Remark Group today.