What Are The Different Types Of Digital Signage?

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Digital signage is a digital installation that displays video, audio or multimedia content for informational or advertising purposes.

The great thing about them is their versatility. From highlighting health and safety notifications, to relating internal communications to showcasing the latest must-have offers at your retail store - even with just one digital sign you have endless possibilities. But how do you know which type of digital sign is right for your business?

Knowing the different types of digital signage available will help you choose the best option to match your purpose.

The main options include LCD, LED and projection technology - find out more about each of these below.

LED and LCD Screens

LED and LCD technology is the perfect option for digital screen advertising. Liquid Crystal Displays offer premium visual quality for your business. Whether you want a welcome message board for visitors, or install live analytics and performance feeds in your office, LED and LCD screens are a great way to inform and advertise. You can opt for a standalone display or place several screens together to form a video wall to create maximum impact and meet your business needs.

Remark Group offers a range of LED and LCD digital signage solutions and we can design their configuration, install your screens and help get you set-up.

Projection Technology

Projection technology can offer a more subtle form of digital signage that takes up no physical space on your walls. In fact, it’s a great way to make the most of unused wall space. From streaming the latest televised news, to advertising your latest retail collections, the opportunities are boundless.

With flexible, eye-catching displays, digital signage can improve your communications with clients, visitors and staff and even help with your marketing and advertising goals. To find out more about our digital signage, book a demonstration with Remark Group today.

Our dedicated team of Technicians can advise on which digital signage is best for your business and install the equipment to your requirements.