What Internet Connection Do Digital Signs Need?

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Most digital signage systems require an internet connection - and you’ll need one in order to display live information, like a social media feed or a live video stream.

However, there are solutions available which don’t depend on an internet connection - provided you’re content to forgo the ability to display live content. Instead of connecting to the internet, you can upload the content you’d like to display to a USB drive, portable hard drive or even your company’s servers.

While this solution isn’t as flexible and as quick to update content as the cloud-based alternative, it may suit your needs perfectly. At Remark, every digital signage installation we create begins with a consultation process; we work with you to put together a system that meets your needs, and can advise on which products would best suit your business.

We can also conduct a thorough training programme after the installation has been completed, bringing your employees up to speed on the technology and showing them how to make the most of it.

To truly understand the benefits digital signage has to offer, we recommend experiencing the technology in person. Our Peterborough headquarters is the perfect place to do so. Contact us today to book an appointment and see for yourself what our range of digital signage solutions can do.