What Is Digital Signage?

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Digital signage solutions are digital installations that display video or multimedia content.

Their uses are as versatile as the types of content they can display, but they are often used for informational or advertising purposes. From graphics and calendars to videos, animations and audio clips, you can showcase almost any type of media on a digital display.

These screens can showcase your chosen media and information, or act as an interactive portal. Touchscreen elements are particularly useful for wayfinding maps in large buildings, as an engaging informational display, or even to help customers find out more about the products they’re interested in. Interactive digital displays can also be used as a patient check-in service in healthcare facilities.

What components do you need?

The basic hardware includes a screen or projection, and a media player. Most of the screens will be similar to a TV screen or monitor, and can be landscape or portrait. They are available in a wide range of sizes to suit your location and audience.

To safely install digital signage, wall or ceiling mounts to secure your sign are required, or you may opt for a video wall for a large display.

From there, all that’s left is to create a content strategy, using software to control and manage the solution. You can enlist the help of a creative marketing agency if you don’t have the resources to create your own content. You can even stream live TV or YouTube clips, meaning you don’t necessarily have to create any unique content to display on your digital sign.

For more informational content, such as real-time calendar or timetable updates, this will link up to an internal software. You won’t need to create specific content for this, rather just update your administration systems.

How does content connect to the screen?

The content connects to the screen via an internet connection or a memory card.

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We hope this quick guide has introduced you to what digital signage is and some of the versatile ways it can be used.

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