What Is Interactive Digital Signage?

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With interactive digital signage, you often have a more captive audience than with a traditional static display. You are not simply displaying to passersby, you are offering a service with a purpose. It turns viewers into users.

There are many industries that can benefit from interactive digital signage. Restaurants, shopping centres, hospitals, and tourist attractions are all good examples. It offers touchscreen capabilities, so the user can learn more about what they’re interested in, or provide a self-service.

Examples of interactive digital signage

Interactive signage can help customers find or access what they’re looking for quickly.

For instance, they can scroll through an interactive map to find directions around a building like a hospital, or a large venue. Or, in a fast food restaurant they can self-select their order with a touchscreen menu. This can help speed up the checkout process and make customers happy that they’ve received their food quickly.

Multi-touch tables can help potential customers freely discover shopping options: by browsing through interactive content such as videos, images and text. By letting them explore their options through an easy-to-use interactive brochure, they can narrow down suitable options and proceed towards making a purchase - before even speaking to a staff member.

The most common interactive approach is a touchscreen. But there are also other examples. In a retail environment, you can install a smart shelf, which informs shoppers about products they’re interested in. Information is displayed when a shopper picks up a product.

Having interactive digital displays doesn’t instantly mean you’ll generate the business or marketing goals you’re looking for. You need to consider: ease of use, accessibility, and attractiveness.

What to bear in mind

Presenting accurate information is important. This is where having a reliable real-time connection to external data is crucial. For instance, if someone orders a meal and they’re told that it’s no longer available after paying, they will feel they’ve received poor service. Similarly, with wayfinding maps, you don’t want to send visitors to the wrong place. They could become frustrated.

It’s worth connecting with a dedicated Content Management System that offers performance analytics, so you can review the live performance across your multiple digital signage screens.

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