What Kind Of Information Can Digital Signage Display?

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The possibilities are endless with Digital Signage solutions. From showcasing the latest business stats and internal communications, to real-time health and safety alerts and news updates, Digital Signage can display a multitude of information to keep your visitors, employees and clients up to date and informed.

In this guide, we’re looking at the various types of information you can showcase on Digital Signage. When it comes to choosing your Digital Signage, you’ll likely think of the type of information you want to display before choosing the actual screen and how it will be installed. The purpose behind the display is the most important consideration for any business or organisation. Is it to enhance internal communication, to inform visitors or boost footfall through advertising?

Audiovisual Adverts

Got a new collection you want to promote, or a special offer? One of the big reasons you might want to invest in Digital Signage is to create attractive advertising materials, ideal for boosting brand awareness and enticing visitors to shop in your store.

Internal Communications

Whether you want to promote a strong company culture or inform employees of important updates, you can do both these and more through Digital Signage. From highlighting special events, company milestones and employee birthdays to showcasing the latest health and safety updates or revenue reports, digital displays are a great way to create a positive and communicative company culture. Highly visible and engaging, by placing them in the right areas of your building, all your important updates should get noticed.

Live News

With Digital Signage you can stream live news channels. This can be a good option for a corporate reception area. You can even link up your screen to a live social media feed.


With wayfinding alone, there are lots of approaches you can take. You could choose to have clear arrows pointing in the direction of a specific room. If you’re a university or events centre, you may want to display a timetable of upcoming sessions with helpful arrows pointing visitors or students in the right direction. Interactive display maps are also an option - ideal for larger venues such as shopping centres and major tourist attractions.

In Conclusion

Essentially, you can link up your digital screen to any online content or software - whether it’s static, video, or even an interactive touchscreen display. The wealth of content this equipment can display is one of its key benefits.

Contact Remark Group today to find out more about Digital Signage installations for a variety of environments from offices to retail and factories, and how they could work for your business. There are endless types of information you can present on a digital display. If you need advice for your business, speak to the expert team at Remark today.