What to Consider Before Upgrading Your Digital Signage?

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Perhaps your current digital signage is experiencing technical issues and your warranty has expired. Or, you’ve spotted that your competitors are leveraging new digital signage that’s helping their business in some way. In this guide, we’re covering the essential considerations before upgrading your digital signage.

Is it worth upgrading? Here are 5 questions you should ask

  • Would your business be negatively impacted if your hardware wasn’t working properly—either in a practical or reputational sense?
  • Would noticeably better quality or new features make a meaningful difference for your business?
  • Have the models of your hardware been/going to be discontinued? Would it be difficult to get spare parts?
  • Is energy efficiency important to your business? This could be to save money on overheads and from an environmental consideration.
  • What would the projected ROI be from a potential upgrade?

Which digital signage should you prioritise replacing?

If you manage a lot of digital signage, there are a couple of ways to approach how to prioritise replacements.

You could replace parts that are causing issues or that fall outside the warranty. However, while this may save you some money right now, in the long run, it will make technology replacements more complex to manage.

If you have a multi-screen display and visual quality is important to your business, you may want to prioritise replacing the faded or off-colour display.

Organise maintenance

A maintenance provider can diagnose and repair issues with your maintenance. You may even be able to partner with a company that can monitor your warranties and available upgrades so you don’t have to.

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