Where Can Digital Signage Be Mounted Or Installed?

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One of the many great things about digital signage is its versatility. This includes the screen’s placement possibilities as well as what can be displayed.

While these systems can often be found in retail settings, drawing attention to specific brands or products and promoting new offers, that’s far from all they’re used for. With a sufficient internet connection and power supply, these systems can be added to virtually any setting.

However, for maximum ROI, you’ll need to have a strategy behind your digital signage placement. Identifying your audience and high-traffic areas are two factors that make good starting points. Below, we’re listing some common places that businesses install digital signage.

Where can you place digital signage?

Waiting rooms and reception areas

In a patient waiting room or a corporate office reception area, digital signage is a way to welcome visitors and keep them informed. You can also use touchscreen check-in portals for an efficient service.

Employee offices

Showcasing company updates, employee milestones and even KPI performance metrics in the office are all effective ways to keep employees engaged. These are best mounted on the interior walls within your office areas.

Wayfinding in larger buildings

Larger facilities can benefit from wayfinding digital signage. From hospitals to university campuses and shopping centres, if you know visitors may struggle to find their way around, you can help them by placing strategic wayfinding signage in high-traffic areas. These might include the bottom or top of an elevator or escalator, or where visitors are entering or leaving a building.

Store windows

If you would like to display your latest products and collections, a dynamic digital display could be an effective way to get the attention of passersby and increase foot traffic. There are also plenty of places you may want to install signage within your store. Interactive smart shelves, for instance, can help customers find out more about the products they’re interested in.

Transport hubs

For airports, train and bus stations, live digital timetables are best placed higher up or even suspended from the ceiling for maximum visibility.

With all of the above in mind, digital signage can be mounted in a wide variety of settings—there are even solutions available for outdoor use.

Restaurants and cafes

Displayed above the counter and suspended or mounted on the wall, restaurant menu boards are a great way for customers to quickly view what’s available. They can learn about the latest offers and recipes, and it’s also an effective way to upsell.

To make your menu and ordering system as accessible as possible, touchscreen kiosks can also be installed. These are particularly effective for fast-food restaurants.

At Remark Group, we provide a consultation service for digital signage, allowing us to create a system that meets your company’s needs perfectly.

To book a demonstration of the technology at our Cambridgeshire headquarters, which is within easy reach of London on the train, please contact us today.