Where Can Digital Screens Be Mounted?

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One of the many great things about digital signage is its versatility, and this extends to potential mounting locations, as well as what can be displayed on the screen.

While these systems can often be found in retail settings – drawing attention to specific products and promoting new releases – that’s far from all they’re used for. Corporate businesses utilise them to great effect, promoting their brand to visitors and showcasing the latest information and company statistics with employees.

Along with the likes of healthcare organisations and shopping centres, these systems can also be used as a way-finding aid. Installed prominently in reception areas and on busy corridors, digital signage makes it easy to find your way around a large and complex building.

From a restaurant or shop, through to a dentist’s waiting room, or a corporate head office reception area, digital signage is a welcoming and useful technology which benefits visitors, employees and customers alike. It’s also grown in popularity significantly since the beginning of the COVID-19 outbreak, with many businesses turning to the solution to promote social distancing and keep the occupants of their facilities safe.

With all of the above in mind, digital signage can be mounted in a wide variety of settings – there are even solutions available for outdoor use. Provided an internet connection and a power supply is available, these systems can be added to virtually any setting. At Remark, we provide a consultation service for digital signage, allowing us to work together with you to create a system which meets your company’s needs perfectly.

To book a demonstration of the technology at our Peterborough headquarters – which is within easy reach of cities like London and Leeds on the train – please contact us today.

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