Where Can You Install Digital Signs?

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Digital signs can be installed practically anywhere. All that’s required is an electricity supply and an internet connection, though solutions are available which don’t require the screen to be connected to the cloud.

There are even weatherproof systems available which can be installed outside, and are capable of displaying the same types of content as those located indoors.

A range of organisations utilise digital signage to good effect; we’ve installed systems in restaurants, shops, offices and even healthcare centres. Because of their versatility, these systems provide numerous benefits.

For a start, LED displays used for advertising capture 400% more views than static displays, meaning they’re great at sparking interest from passers by and generating sales.

Their attention-grabbing nature makes them great for way-finding, too. Businesses often place their screens in corridors or in large open areas, helping visitors to easily find their way around.

They can also be used to promote your brand, and showcase to visitors your key campaigns. The beauty of digital signage is that its potential is limited only by your imagination; with the ability to showcase any form of digital content - including live streams and feeds - the possibilities are truly endless.

To get a feel for our digital signage systems and learn more about how they could help your business, contact us today to arrange a consultation.