Which Industries Can Benefit From Digital Signage?

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If you’re going through a digital transformation and wondering whether your business could benefit from digital signage, discover some of the top industries below. It’s not just retail stores and fast-food restaurants that can benefit from installing digital signage. There are plenty of other industries that can see results. We’re providing a list of business sectors and use cases to help you visualise the possibilities.


From boosting point of sale conversions to advertising to entice customers to walk through your door, utilising digital signage in retail environments can bring huge benefits.


For restaurants and fast-food eateries, digital signage makes your menus more accessible and can help your customers make choices more quickly. With interactive elements, they can also order directly from the screen to smoothen the customer experience and optimise convenience.

Remark Group supplied and installed Digital Display Screens for the main restaurant at RS Components’ site in Corby. These are used to display restaurant menus and internal communications. RS wanted to have the ability to change these on a daily basis, and with the utilisation of BrightSign players, they now have this option.

Estate Agents

Have a desirable new property to put on the market? With digital signage, you can create an attractive window display that gets noticed any time of day or night. Instead of just one static image that takes lots of time to create, print and mount, you can showcase a carefully curated slideshow of some of the best properties you have to offer - and update in real-time. Benefits include saving time and resources and selling more properties.


Particularly for large, bustling healthcare facilities, reducing queue times and ensuring all visitors and patients find their way around the building with ease is important. Digital signage can be integrated with your systems for quicker check-in processes and can also be used for wayfinding.

Reception Areas

As a space where you welcome visitors and the first room they will see upon entering your premises, your reception area should be a good reflection of your business. Digital signage is a way to engage visitors while they wait and creates a welcoming environment. It’s also an opportunity to showcase the best that your business has to offer. Engineers at Remark worked with RS Components (RS) to assist with their digital signage installations.

We provided a large video wall with a welcome digital signage display which included stories from real-life inventors and footage from RS’s latest staff events.

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