Which Is Better for Digital Displays - LCD or LED Screen?

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Digital signage solutions can offer plenty of benefits for your business. You may be wondering which is best for your use case - LCD or LED? In this guide we’re looking at picture quality, longevity and other important factors that you should consider when choosing a digital display. After all, you could have the best content ready to display, but if you don’t have the right screen, your messaging won’t have quite the impact you were hoping for. You also want to make sure you’re making a reliable investment.

Which lasts longer - LED or LCD?

LED televisions have a longer lifespan of 100,000 hours on average - but can last longer. When compared to the estimated 50,000 hour lifespan of LCD televisions, they offer good value for money. Other factors can influence the longevity of your screen, including heat exposure and power supply. Expert digital signage installers will factor this into the installation planning to ensure your screen can reach its maximum lifespan.

Which offers the best picture quality?

The picture quality of an LED display is better than an LCD. Modular light-emitting diodes on an LED screen ensure more control over the contrast, including RGB contrast. This creates a clearer, sharper picture and greater distinction between colours.

Which is cheaper?

LCD screens tend to be cheaper than an LED screen. The LED tends to offer a longer lifespan and less maintenance costs, making it a reliable investment.

LED screens are also lighter

LED screens are lighter and thinner. This means they are easier to install and dismount, and won’t require such heavy-duty mounting equipment to stay attached to your walls as an LCD screen might. Their thinner design also makes them a more elegant choice for the modern office or corporate environment.

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