Will Digital Signage Be Disruptive To Install?

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Having digital signage installed needn’t be stressful. At Remark, we employ a step-by-step installation process which has been carefully thought through to minimise any potential disruption to your employees, visitors and customers.

To begin with, we discuss your needs, identifying our installation method and determining the goals you have in mind for your new digital signage system. We can then offer advice and guidance, recommending a product and configuration which we feel will best suit your needs.

Once the layout and style of your digital signage system has been agreed, we can then arrange a time to come and install it. We’ve fitted digital signage for a wide range of different business premises; from retail and offices to hospitals, we can install our digital signage solutions efficiently and professionally. In other words, the impact on your company’s working day will be negligible.

Our engineers work swiftly, drawing on their considerable experience of completing previous digital signage projects large and small. Whether you’re looking for a giant bank of screens or just one, our team will be able to accommodate your needs and work closely with you to make sure the installation process runs smoothly.

And our service doesn’t stop there: once your new system is up and running, we will conduct an in-depth handover. Our team will train yours on how to use the system, providing a detailed demonstration and ensuring that no questions are left unanswered. We’ll even leave behind our training package for future use, allowing you to quickly bring new employees up to speed.

Plus, if you choose Remark Group for your digital signage requirements, you can expect continued support and advice long into the future. To experience our technology for yourself, contact us today to arrange a demonstration or speak to one of our experts for more information.