Electrical Thermal Imaging Surveys: What Are The Benefits?

Resource Centre Electrical Infrastructure Electrical Thermal Imaging Surveys: What Are The Benefits?
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Thermal imaging is a test that can easily identify unbalanced loads, poor connections, deteriorated insulation or any other issues in energised electrical panels or components.

Thermal imaging makes it possible to identify a wide range of electrical defects. These include: loose connections and overloaded circuits (the most common cause of electrical fires) and transformer cooling faults.

It’s best to get this test completed as part of your EICR or as part of a routine electrical checkup.

Electrical thermal imaging surveys include a variety of benefits.

No business disruption

All this can be done while the electrical installations are in use, with no disruption to your business operations. No components need to be dismantled, meaning increased efficiency for your electrical testing with no compromise on accuracy.

Identify energy savings

You’ll see the operational effectiveness of your electrical equipment. If performance is poor, recommendations can be made which could not only help you identify energy savings, but also extend the life cycle of your equipment.

Reduce risk of electrical faults

Electrical faults not only present a health and safety risk, they can also disrupt business operations. With regular thermal imaging testing, you can keep on top of the condition and performance of your electrical installations and components. The sooner any wear and tear or abnormalities in the circuits are identified, the sooner you can repair or replace the affected parts. This should minimise the risk of electrical fires or disruptive faults.

Remark Group carries out fully accredited Electrical Testing and Inspection that offers electrical thermal imaging as part of the process. Contact us today to enquire about our services. We’re approved by a large number of leading accreditors, including the National Inspection Council for Electrical Installation Contracting.