How Can Information Technology Improve a Business?

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Business Information Technology refers to any Information Technology (IT) systems used in a business. This could include computers and monitors, routers and servers, network systems and other associated hardware. It’s not just about information technology you’re using, but how you use it and which solutions you choose.

At Remark Group, we are specialist providers of business information technology systems. Our focus is on pushing forward technology that doesn’t just solve common business problems, but also enhances productivity, wellbeing and safety.

Our in-house team of engineers are fully trained to install the following systems:

Meeting Room Booking Systems

Meeting Room Booking Systems help streamline the management of all your meetings. If you operate a large building or complex with lots of meeting rooms, this is by far the smartest way to ensure no one double-books and that all rooms are used efficiently. Instant updates across all calendars keeps everyone informed of any last minute changes.

Digital Signage

Digital marketing is a great tool that lets you promote your products or services to the global market. Digital Signage is an ideal way to increase brand awareness, boost sales or ensure visitors have a good experience. You can easily link up your digital screens with live feeds, or connect to your internal marketing content.

Video Conferencing Rooms

Collaboration and communication have been two great enhancements from information technology. Even if your business has adopted a hybrid approach to working, with the right Video Conferencing solutions you can bring all your teams together with ease.

Smart Building Solutions

If your business has several offices or you manage a large facility, such as a hospital or university campus, building automation is a recent advancement in technology that could help. Powered by the IoT (Internet of Things), electrical systems and appliances are automated to help create safer, healthier and more efficient buildings. This technology also saves on time, resources and money.

If you’re interested in utilising business information technology to create a smarter office, contact Remark Group today.