What Is Lightning & Surge Protection?

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There is a lot of confusion over whether Lightning and Surge Protection are the same solution. In this guide, we’re exploring the difference and why you need both installed at your commercial premises.

Both surge and lightning protection devices prevent damage to electrical equipment from over-voltage transient events. Such events might include electrical faults, switching, short circuits, sparks and lightning.

They achieve this by blocking or redirecting surge current to the ground, instead of passing through the equipment. This protection doesn’t completely remove the risk of damage from lightning or similar high voltage risks, but it does help to divert the current.

What Is Surge Protection?

Surge protection refers to the protection of systems and electrical devices against excessively high voltage peaks, such as those caused by lightning strikes. It protects electrical installations and equipment from electrical surges and transient voltage.

The device itself is known as a surge arrester - a protection device that limits the voltage on equipment by bypassing or discharging surge current. These are installed inside the panels to cancel out the surges. It directs the current flow to the ground.

What Is Lightning Protection?

A lightning arrester is a device used to protect the electric circuit and connected devices from the lightning strikes that bring high voltage transient surges. Lightning arresters are installed outside to ground the harmful effects of lightning spikes.

Is Surge & Lightning Protection The Same Thing?

In short, no, they are not the same thing. Surge protection is installed internally, whereas the lightning arrestors are exclusively installed to tackle the issue of high voltage from a lightning strike. The latter is installed outside.

If you own a commercial property, it’s important to protect your business from electricity surges. Contact our business electrical solution experts about getting lightning and surge protection installed at your commercial property.