What are the Benefits of using LED?

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LED lights are ideal for a wide range of commercial premises, including industrial warehouses, healthcare facilities, shopping centres and corporate offices. When compared to traditional halogen or fluorescent commercial lighting, LEDs come with many benefits for commercial use. We’re outlining exactly what these benefits are in this article.

LEDs last longer

LEDs can last up to 10 times longer than a traditional bulb. This means over time you could save money.

Save on energy bills

LEDS not only last much longer, they are proven to save you around 90% on your electricity bills.

They’re energy-saving but also provide enough LUX levels to be practical. For instance, the lighting in a warehouse needs to meet a certain standard to minimise hazards in the workplace, as well as comply with the recommended LUX levels. LEDs are ideal for this.

Reduced risk of combustion

LEDs also produce little heat, which makes them much safer and reduces the risk of combustion.

No warmup time required

You don’t have to wait for the bulbs to reach a sufficient luminosity. Instead, they should work at full capacity from the moment they’re switched on.

Compatible with smart sensors

LED lights can also be linked up to smart sensors. This means that the lights can respond to motion and only switch on when people are in the room, conserving even more energy.

They’re also suitable for human-centric lighting, which is designed to mimic the natural light patterns of the sun throughout the day. This is known to have a wide range of health and wellbeing benefits.

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