How Does Industrial IoT Work?

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Industrial IoT (Internet of Things) is the application of connected (or Smart) devices in the workplace. The concept of IoT essentially enables devices to ‘talk’ to one another via the internet. They often utilise algorithms to automate certain processes, which people would ordinarily have to initiate themselves.

Devices and systems connected together on the Industrial IoT are able to collect, monitor and analyse data to make decisions in real-time - far quicker than a human could.

IoT in Manufacturing

In manufacturing, the use of Industrial IoT enables sensors to detect when electrical systems and appliances might require maintenance. They can schedule it without human intervention, or identify potential efficiency improvements if there is too long of a gap detected between two different production processes.

IoT in Smart Buildings

Another perfect example of industrial IoT is a Smart Building. This helps to create the optimum environmental conditions automatically.

Most buildings can have IoT solutions installed. From warehouses and factories to offices and hospitals. Any industry that has a commercial building to manage and maintain stands to benefit. Cost-effective, energy efficient and intelligent - it’s never been easier to create the optimum working environment for your employees.

Environmental controls

Using Industrial IoT allows buildings to detect when the temperature inside reaches a certain level, for example, and turn on the air-conditioning or heating accordingly. This allows employees to focus on their work while the building provides an optimal environment without any interruption.

Smart Lighting is also another key factor in a smart building. This can significantly reduce energy consumption as lighting only switches on when light levels fall below a certain level and when occupancy is detected.

Access control and security controls

As for access control, you can automate people’s access to every part of your building, setting parameters that are chosen by you. IoT technology can also be linked up to your security systems, ensuring real-time alerts reach the right person instantly should there be any security breaches detected.

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