How Do You Manage Meeting Room Bookings?

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Managing a meeting room booking will often depend on what management systems you have in place. In this guide, we’re looking at the most effective ways you can manage your meeting room bookings.

Managing an office that has lots of meetings throughout the working day can present challenges. These include: the risk of double-booking a room; accidentally exceeding the permitted occupancy levels; or even under-using office spaces.

These problems can be eliminated with the right meeting room booking systems. If you manage several rooms, perhaps even across multiple locations, it can be useful to know that there’s an easier, integrated way to manage these spaces for optimum efficiency and productivity.

How do you manage a meeting room?

Real-time updates that sync across calendars, email, and digital panels mounted outside the meeting rooms (more on this below) makes organising much easier. You won’t have to worry about double-booking, or employees not knowing when and where their meeting is being held.

Install digital panels

A digital panel or screen can be placed outside the meeting room to clearly display whether the room is in use, or vacant. It can also showcase upcoming meetings.

Give every conference room a unique name

This means no one will get confused over which meeting room they’re meant to attend. These can be displayed on the digital panel to help navigate around a building.

Occupancy level sensors

Having occupancy level sensors in your meeting rooms ensures that your conference spaces don’t get too full - a health and safety risk. The digital panels outside will link up to inform employees that the room is at full capacity.

Other sensors to create a seamless experience include automatic lighting. You can even automate the video conferencing technology to switch on when someone walks into the room. This means you can get set up and start meetings more efficiently.

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