Can Any Commercial Building Be Made Smart?

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Commercial buildings are complex environments. They require a variety of power, networking, lighting, heating, cooling, security and other subsystems. All of these need to be managed for the building to be comfortable, safe and efficient.

More and more of the everyday building applications described above can be automated with sensors and IoT technology. This is known as smart technology. It’s all about being as sustainable, efficient and people-centric as possible. The IoT will use actionable information to adapt the environmental systems to enhance the work environment, creating optimum conditions for your workforce and could even increase efficiencies.

If you’re wondering if any commercial building can be made smart, we’re answering that question in this quick guide.

Put simply, yes they can. If you just wanted one area of your building to be smart, this is possible as well, providing you have the right cabling infrastructure to support it.

Unlike older systems that needed to be integrated with a building during construction, smart technology requires only core infrastructure elements to be deployed. New applications can then be added at a later date without the expense of a complete restructure.

Flexible and customisable, adding this technology can even make your property more attractive for future buyers or tenants.

Which types of building can benefit?

With expert building automation installers, you should be able to have this technology installed without issue. You may associate this type of technology with contemporary facilities, however, it’s also perfectly suitable for more traditional properties. Even listed buildings can benefit.

There are plenty of types of building that can leverage a smarter electrical infrastructure. This includes corporate offices, industrial warehouses, shopping centres, transport hubs, corporate offices and leisure facilities.

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