What is IoT Technology?

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IoT stands for Internet of Things which, in short, describes the concept of connecting devices to the internet – and to each other. IoT technology is widespread today, with objects as obscure as smart microwaves falling under the IoT banner. Businesses have come to rely on IoT technology much more in recent years, and at Remark we supply a number of products to transform offices into ‘Smart Buildings.’

In this case, IoT technology is employed to make businesses’ day to day activities easier, working alongside employees to automate certain tasks and enhance efficiency and productivity. Functions like heating, air-conditioning and lighting can be controlled by the building itself. For example, lights can be turned off if sensors detect no movement in a room. This smart lighting technology not only helps to protect the environment, it can also save your business money.

Meeting rooms are a hotspot for IoT technology in the workplace. Not only do businesses now have a catalogue of internet-connected video conferencing and presentation solutions to choose from, there are a number of meeting room booking systems on the market which utilise the IoT to great effect.

These cloud-connected solutions can link into your business’ video conferencing platform – allowing you to seamlessly schedule meetings between colleagues in the office and those working remotely – and can connect to your calendar. This makes it straightforward to identify which meeting rooms are available and keep track of meetings you’re booked in to attend.

Digital signage also comes under the umbrella of IoT technology. These systems have proven to be indispensable for businesses in a range of sectors, including retail, catering, corporate and healthcare. Cloud-connected digital signage solutions are remarkably versatile; potential uses include advertising, giving directions around a facility, displaying health and safety messages, promoting your brand, or providing live updates to your employees, though the creative possibilities are practically endless.

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