What Smart Technology Is In Business?

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The role smart technology plays in business is constantly evolving in new and exciting ways. From making buildings safer to better regulating environmental conditions to boost employee comfort, wellbeing and productivity levels - there are so many benefits to be enjoyed by investing in smart technology for your business. Smart technology is all about automating, streamlining and upgrading business processes to achieve better results and make managing your office more efficient.

Below, we’ve listed some of the top smart technologies that you can utilise for your business today.

Video Conferencing Rooms

Gone are the days when everyone has to be physically present in a meeting room. With purpose-built video conferencing rooms you can collaborate, communicate and move your business forwards whether all the interested parties are physically in the office or not.

Utilising auto framing technology, these smart cameras can focus on and automatically adjust the focus to whoever is speaking, so those tuning into the meeting remotely can feel more engaged with the conversation.

You can easily add people to the conversation from a variety of platforms, devices and locations - providing the more flexible meetings that work for your team and stakeholders. Video conferencing rooms can also be fitted with acoustic technology to ensure minimal noise interruptions and ensure speech privacy is provided where required.

Smart Buildings

Smart technology for businesses doesn’t stop at video conferencing rooms. The entire building's infrastructure can be automated to ensure optimal working conditions for your employees. Smart lighting, heating and air conditioning can all be applied to your building to ensure that every room is at the right temperature and sufficient lighting round the clock. With smart technology, flicking light switches, pressing buttons to activate the air conditioning, or disagreements over the environmental conditions of the office will be a thing of the past.

Occupancy Control

From detecting footfall and controlling the numbers of people who can enter certain areas of your business, to installing automated temperature checks that keeps people from bringing the COVID virus into your office, occupancy control is a fantastic technology to leverage.

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