Can Businesses use their CCTV to Monitor Social Distancing?

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In today’s workplaces, ensuring that social distancing protocols are adhered to, is integral to the health and safety of employees, visitors and clients.

Using CCTV in the Workplace

By utilising CCTV, businesses can monitor and maintain social distancing in the workplace, which allows businesses to keep office spaces open for those needing to use them.

There are multiple solutions as to how a business can utilise their CCTV to monitor social distancing. Remark Group can offer bespoke solutions that encompass neural network learning which allows the CCTV software to calculate the distance between people in real-time as they move.

Real-Time Alerts

Systems can be programmed to record images where people are not social distancing and issue these as real-time alerts and notifications to the building owners’ operation and facilities management teams.

This critical data can be collated and analysed, to allow for businesses to assess the data created and take positive actions to mitigate any social distancing issues within the company premises.

People Counting and Hotspots

Remark Group can also integrate software that allows for people counting via CCTV to monitor communal spaces or meeting rooms to alert the operation and facilities management teams to where there are possible hotspots. This allows proactive planning to be put in place to assist staff to social distance.

How can Remark Help?

  • Intelligent CCTV systems offer many benefits other than monitoring social distancing such as:
  • Internal track and trace of areas or people that an individual has been in contact with
  • Next level of security with CCTV recognition of faces
  • Recognition of certain human behaviours that may be deemed as threatening
  • Detection of abnormal events e.g. someone standing on a table. This can greatly aid in the reduction of health and safety incidents in any environment.

These added uses allow a much greater return on investment for companies.

Get in touch today to discuss how Remark Group can help your business with the return to work and ensuring that your employees stay safe.

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