Can CCTV Track When Employees Aren’t Wearing Face Coverings?

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Wearing a face covering is currently advised as a way that can protect both yourself and others from the spread of Covid-19. Many businesses are wearing face masks to protect their employees, clients and customers in-line with the current Government legislation.

But how can you monitor mask wearing? Is there an easy way to keep an eye on those in your premises to make sure everyone’s doing their bit to help prevent the spread of Covid-19?

Constantly monitoring your CCTV feed can take up time, and having a member of staff manning your reception area or entrance could take resources away from other areas of your business. So, what are the alternative solutions?

Social distancing detection

Our social distancing detection system is the perfect solution. It adds intelligent functionality to your existing CCTV cameras, enabling them to detect when face coverings are being worn – and when they’re not.

As its name suggests, the technology can also identify breaches of social distancing rules. It picks up risks in real-time and, as soon as either social distancing or mask wearing guidelines are breached, it will send out a notification immediately.

This system makes it much easier for businesses to keep their employees, clients, and customers safe.

For more information on the system and how it works, to discuss your business’ requirements and to receive a quote, contact Remark Group today.

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