Can Traffic Light Systems be used for Social Distancing in Offices?

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Social distancing is with us to say, certainly for the immediate future, so we need to look at solutions that will make life a little easier and practical for all of us.

Pedestrian traffic light systems have been around for a while now, they are used in factories and warehouses for health and safety reasons. In light of COVID-19, traffic light systems can be brought into the office to ensure social distancing policies are put in place.

Traffic light systems can be linked to your current CCTV system and integrated with sensors to trigger alerts. The CCTV camera or sensor will count the amount of people going in and out of a certain area, once set occupancy levels has been reached, the traffic light system will switch from green to red.

Pedestrian traffic light systems can be used across different working environments: factories, offices, retail and in education.

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