Can you automate footfall counting?

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Yes – today there are a range of camera-based systems which automatically detect people and provide an accurate footfall count.

Some People Counting Systems use IP (Internet Protocol) cameras and video analytics software, accurately measuring footfall in specific areas. The data is then stored for future reference, and is accessible from any internet-connected device.

Automatic Footfall Counting is particularly useful for the retail sector, as it can help your stores track and review footfall. Having access to reliable footfall data will help you assess what drives more people to your store and which days and times are busiest or quietest, helping to monitor KPIs and determine trends.

Automated people counting systems are a great way to manage the movement of people across your site.

It can automate a number of specific functions, including:

Maintain health and safety obligations

Ensure your premises are not over-capacity so that you maintain your health and safety obligations, while creating comfortable environments for employees and visitors. This is ideal for meeting rooms. Occupancy can be monitored and displayed to manage space utilisation. You can also restrict access when full.

Monitor queues

You can sync your people counting system with a digital screen to notify visitors when they’re able to enter the building or room. From retail stores and hotels, to public buildings and banks, you can use your current CCTV cameras to automate queue monitoring. In the workplace, this technology is particularly useful in reception areas and workplace canteens.

Increase security

Cameras integrated with analytics can help your security team protect your property by detecting and deterring crime. For example, the applications can detect trespassers or loiterers and automatically notify a security guard, or play a pre-recorded message over a loudspeaker.

These smart cameras can also detect tailgating. Each time the number of people passing through a restricted access point is greater than the number of people authorised to enter, it will trigger a tailgating alert.

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