How Can I Make Sure My Office Isn’t Overcrowded?

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Even as COVID-19 restrictions ease, avoiding overcrowding in offices remains imperative. We all have a responsibility to help prevent the spread of disease, whether it’s the coronavirus or the flu. And as a business owner, you’ll want to minimise the likelihood of your employees falling ill, as their absence could have a notable impact on your company’s performance.

On top of all that, nobody likes the idea of working in a jam-packed office: eliminating overcrowding won’t just make your office a safer place to work, but it could also make it a more enjoyable and relaxing one too.

So, how do you achieve this?

Social distancing detection systems are the perfect solution. Integrated into your system of security cameras, this product can identify areas where overcrowding commonly takes place and send alerts to you.

If employees aren’t able to adhere to social distancing requirements due to a lack of space, the system will let you know, allowing you to intervene to keep everybody safe.

If there’s an issue with overcrowding, you’ll know straight away, as the detection system will send out a message in real-time to make you aware of the issue. This could also be linked to a digital signage system, to show current and maximum occupancy numbers, such as in the Canteen, Lecture Theatres, or Reception Areas.

As a bonus, the camera-based system can detect ‘tailgating,’ a common security breach which may otherwise be challenging to detect and resolve.

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