How Can Technology Help Support Social Distancing in Schools?

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Schools by definition are places of learning. Children can be exuberant and full of energy which may make the task of overseeing and maintaining social distancing more of a challenge for teachers and facilities managers than for office operation management teams.

Schools historically have key congregation points such as hallways, canteens, playgrounds etc. that may make it difficult for children to maintain social distancing even if they wanted to. Remark Group can integrate people counting solutions via CCTV to monitor communal spaces teachers or facilities management teams to where there are possible hotspots. This allows proactive planning to be put in place to assist students to social distance. This forward planning is critical to alleviate the issue of students feeling disciplined for social distancing.

Remark Group can offer multiple intelligent distributed sound platforms to allow targeted messages to specific areas to allow management of people movement. An example of this would be to have multiple timed schedules for movement between classes to minimise congestion in hallways. The intelligent platforms supplied by Remark Group allow speakers to be used for multiple outputs e.g. one speaker can be connected to a fire system notification timetable, a social distancing reminder messages, Soundscaping as well as the class change times.

Digital signage is already commonplace in many educational environments. Remark Group can look to maximise the potential of existing signage, or add new signage, so that social distancing messages can be shared in a fun way while also bring current term topics to life as students move between classes.

Technology integration via Remark Group can help staff maintain student social distancing but can also bring colour and sound to circulation areas in order to fully reach the potential of the premises as a learning zone.

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