How Can You Implement Social Distancing in Factories Through Technology?

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Factories and warehouses, by definition of their use, have high levels of staff circulation around the premises. They often have staff moving goods between areas, staff transferring to other workstations or staff changing shifts.

This necessary movement of staff around premises can cause operation and facilities management teams issues in controlling egress routes, communal spaces and general hotspots.

Social Distancing Solutions

Remark Group can offer multiple social distancing measures to facilitate intelligent technology solutions into companies’ premises to allow real-time monitoring of hotspots and control of the movement of staff.


CCTV can be used to monitor any area and create reports of areas where social distancing is an issue. These reports can include locations, pictures, live footage or even facial recognition. These reports can then be dealt with ad-hoc, as it may be an environmental issue or employee education piece, or in real-time through digital signage solutions and/or audio messaging.

Intelligent CCTV systems can also bring added benefits via recognition of unusual events, tracking of items and monitoring of social behaviours. These added uses allow a much greater return on investment for companies with the additional security and H&S benefits.

PA Systems and Digital Signage

The majority of large-company premises like factories and warehouses have the requirement for site-wide public announcement systems. Remark Group can adapt or add to these systems to allow them to have multiple uses such as fire warnings, general announcements, shift changes and also localised notification of social distancing breaches.

Digital signage can be linked to social distancing detection technology and send out real-time alerts to employees to ensure that they are adhering to any guidelines put in place. Digital displays can also be used to send out health and safety messages and include a live news feed stream to keep employees up to date with any relevant topics.

How can Remark Group Help?

Wearable technology is now commonplace in retail; however, Remark Group can offer more targeted items that deal specifically with social distancing. Digital wristbands or Bluetooth ID cards are systems that can be integrated into a company’s network allowing real-time monitoring, and personal notification, of any social distancing breaches.

Through technology Remark Group can make it possible for any organisation to clearly monitor and control social distancing in their business premises. Get in touch today to discuss your business’s needs.

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