Using People Counting Systems for Social Distancing

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People counting systems have risen in popularity dramatically since COVID-19, as they are an invaluable way of encouraging social distancing. Intelligent IP cameras combined with video analysis technology make people counting systems an accurate and convenient way of monitoring footfall for health and safety in a given area.

If, for example, a maximum of three people are allowed into a room at any one time for social distancing or health and safety reasons, the people counting system can notify staff if this limit is reached or exceeded.

Queue Monitoring

Using smart analytics, people counting systems generate live data which can be used to monitor queues. This helps you to monitor social distancing by creating automated signals of when people can and cannot enter your premises. From supermarkets to offices, queue monitoring is a universal technology.

Occupancy Control

If your meeting room or canteen is at full capacity, people counting systems can automatically signal to visitors and employees that they shouldn’t enter the room. This helps your business to maintain social distancing with very little effort on your part, as this process is reliably automated.

Social distancing systems utilise your CCTV cameras and incorporate digital signs to clearly signal when it’s safe to enter a building or room.

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