Does Sound Masking Provide Privacy In The Workplace?

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Sound masking is an effective solution to treat noise and privacy issues in the workplace.

Sound masking works by adding a low level, unobtrusive ambient sound into the office environment. It masks unwanted noise and increases privacy in the workplace.

How does sound masking enhance privacy?

Sound masking matches the frequency of human speech. This makes conversations less audible. In a conference room, the sound masking will prevent anyone from eavesdropping, to decrease the risk of confidential information being overheard. The speakers can be installed both inside and outside the room to create a ‘bubble’ or ‘curtain’ of sound. Spoken words can no longer be heard from outside the room.

Speech privacy is essential for confidential meetings with clients and key stakeholders. It’s also useful when speaking to an employee about personal topics.

This makes sound masking ideal for conference rooms and HR departments.

It also offers an enhanced level of speech privacy in open-plan spaces. The radius of sound is reduced. This means that if you’re having a quiet conversation with an employee, the rest of the room shouldn’t be able to tune in.

The addition of sound masking to the workplace should help you and your employees.

Employees can have private telephone conversations and meetings without the risk of being overheard. This is particularly useful for law firms or financial services. Offering private spaces for important phone calls will also improve employees’ level of comfort and wellbeing. If they need to call their bank or they have a phone appointment with their GP, they won’t want anyone listening in to their conversation.

What about clients and customers?

If you offer in-office appointments in the financial or legal sector, you should offer sufficient levels of speech privacy. It’s important to protect your client’s data, and one way you can do this is by installing sound masking.

Find out more about sound masking solutions for privacy by booking a demonstration with Remark today, or discussing your requirements with us. We tailor our systems to suit your workplace and ensure the optimum levels of speech privacy where you need them most.