How Can I Reduce Noise Distractions At Work?

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If you manage a work environment, you’re probably used to experiencing regular noise distractions. From loud typing to tuning into a colleague’s phone conversations, there are plenty of office-based noises that can affect productivity and wellbeing.

Noise in the workplace is often correlated with heightened levels of stress. Too much exposure to loud noises in the office over long periods of time could drive down your employee’s morale and wellbeing.

However, silence can be equally uncomfortable and create an awkward environment for your employees. At Remark Group, we’ve engineered an acoustic solution that combats both noise distractions and silence in the workplace.

Sound masking is an acoustic technology that can be seamlessly integrated into your workplace, and in this guide, we’re explaining how this can reduce noise distractions.

How does sound masking reduce noise distractions?

Sound masking not only matches the frequency of human speech to help make conversations unintelligible, but it also dulls other distracting noises that are common in offices.

Sound masking provides an ambient, background sound to dim the impact of distracting noises. It is sometimes compared to the sound of air flow. In other words, it’s a calming sound that fills the silence, whilst reducing noise distractions.

This technology is particularly useful for office spaces that are divided by thin walls or glass partitions, as it means the noise from each room will be separated and won’t filter into neighbouring office areas. This is also good for maintaining privacy where it’s needed.

How would sound masking work in your office?

We can integrate the sound masking system into your office or workspace. Our team of acoustic experts will design a solution that’s right for your workspace, and install the sound masking emitters in strategic points within your treatment area to maximise the effectiveness of the solution - just tell us which areas you would like treating, and we can take care of the rest.

Our included commissioning service ensures that the acoustic levels are matched to the correct frequency of your working environment.

We also offer a range of soundscapes for an enhanced acoustic experience. Nature based sounds such as coastal and woodland soundscapes are particularly popular for wellbeing, due to their calming ambience.

Want to learn more? Visit our Customer Experience Centre, to experience how the sound masking and soundscapes work, and we will be pleased to answer any questions that you may have. Contact us today to book a demonstration.