The Benefits of Sound Masking vs Soundproofing

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If you’re a business which has identified noise distractions as a top problem in your workplace, no doubt you’ve researched your options on how best to tackle the issue. Two of the key solutions you may have come across include soundproofing and sound masking. But how do you know which is best for your business? In this helpful guide we’re looking at the benefits of sound masking vs soundproofing to help you decide.

For those unfamiliar with one or either of these, here’s a quick run through of how each acoustic technology works.

Soundproofing is engineered to stop any sound leaking out from a contained space by adding insulation into the walls, whereas sound masking is acoustic technology designed to mask distracting noises in the office and ensure private conversations in meeting rooms are unintelligible from outside.

Benefits of Sound Masking

  • Hassle-free to install to ensure little to no disruption for your business.
  • No clutter or visible wires - speakers are often installed neatly in the ceiling
  • Flexible use: you can control the levels of sound masking, meaning you can switch it on and off or turn up the ambient sound as and when required, or we can set the system to a pre-set that will work automatically with no interaction
  • Prevents offices becoming too quiet
  • Works effectively in open-plan offices as it reduces the impact of distracting noises from within the same room
  • More affordable than soundproofing
  • You can also combine it with soundscapes to create a more immersive and stress-reducing office environment
  • Creates speech privacy for protecting confidential conversations, helping to protect sound from leaking through meeting rooms or glass walls
  • Can be added to if and when your business expands

Benefits of Soundproofing

  • Helps prevent sound from leaking through the walls of a contained space
  • Effective for maintaining speech privacy in spaces that are divided with floor-to-ceiling walls
  • Reduce overall noise levels - great for particularly noisy work environments. For instance, if your office occupies the same building as a busy factory floor.
  • Most advanced sound proofing solutions enable you to crank up the volume on your audio-visual systems or operate noisy machinery without interrupting or annoying your neighbours.

When it comes to ensuring your open plan office space offers a decent level of speech privacy and good quality acoustics, sound masking is arguably the best arrangement. Still not sure? At Remark Group we believe the best way to decide whether sound masking is right for your business is to experience it for yourself.

Enquire with Remark Group today to arrange a demonstration of our Sound Masking technology or contact our experts today to learn if this is the right solution for your business.