How To Improve Your Speech Privacy?

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If you’ve identified speech privacy as an issue in your workplace you may be wondering what you can do about it. The good news is that there are a number of ways you can improve privacy on your premises. From preventing confidential or sensitive information from being overheard, to making your employees feel more comfortable, we’re listing some of the top ways to improve speech privacy in this blog.

Sound Masking

If you’ve yet to learn about the wonders of sound masking, we’re confident it’s going to revolutionise UK offices and make the problem of speech privacy a thing of the past.

Sound masking works by offering an immersive background noise that operates at the same frequency as human speech. This ensures that confidential or sensitive conversations are not overheard in the workplace, by making them unintelligible.

It also works to reduce the impact of common noise-based distractions in the office, including ringtones, sniffing, eating noises, typing and small-talk.

By simultaneously increasing speech privacy whilst decreasing distracting noise in the office, sound masking allows businesses to tackle two common workspace complaints.


Soundscapes are designed to complement sound masking with a natural-sounding ambient sound. They blend with the sound masking acoustics to offer a pleasant, non-intrusive background sound in the office. From gentle, relaxing bird song to the soft hum of a cityscape, soundscapes are there to relax and motivate your employees. It’s a perfect solution to elevate your sound masking from just a quiet airflow sound, to something a little more interesting that should have a positive impact on productivity and wellbeing in the office or workspace.

How Remark can help

Advances in technology and business solutions have enabled businesses to consistently improve the quality of their office environment.

At Remark Group we provide intelligent business solutions that work for a range of commercial spaces. Our technology can be integrated with your current set-up and equipment. Speak to us about how you can improve your speech privacy today.