How To Increase Privacy In Busy Offices

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Busy offices are often open-plan environments. Designed to improve collaboration and communication, the open-plan office certainly has its benefits. However, privacy can easily fall to the wayside in this set up. In this article, we’re taking a look at how to increase privacy in busy offices.

Privacy in the workplace is important. Not only will it help your employees feel more comfortable about discussing issues affecting their work, but it will also ensure that sensitive or confidential information is not overheard.

Providing speech privacy can also enhance your employee’s wellbeing and comfort, something that should in turn have a positive impact on productivity and business growth.

How to increase privacy in busy offices:

Sound masking technology is an efficient way to boost the levels of privacy within your open-plan environments. The solution is also ideal for ensuring sensitive conversations behind closed doors are not overheard by employees.

This acoustic technology works by raising the levels of ambient sound in a space. This is a non-intrusive sound which is emitted through strategically placed emitters in the workplace, whether that’s the office, factory floor, or health care facility.

In our Noise and Wellbeing at Work survey, we found that a high level of UK office workers feared being overheard in the workplace, or overhearing office gossip or sensitive information. However, by raising ambient sound levels background conversations become unintelligible. This benefits privacy whilst also improving your employee’s ability to focus on their busy work schedule.

Sound emitters can be placed on the ceiling or strategically throughout your office space for an even coverage where it matters. For meeting, conference and breakout rooms, you can even control the volume of the ambient sound depending on how much privacy you require.

With sound masking, you can protect both your business interests and your employee’s comfort and wellbeing, making it a worthwhile investment for your office.

Sound masking with Remark Group

We can help increase the privacy of your busy office environments by integrating sound masking technology. To book a demonstration or find out more about how it works, contact Remark Group today. We’ll be happy to answer your questions.