How to Promote Mental Health and Wellbeing in the Workplace

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There are numerous ways that can promote the mental health and wellbeing of your employees within the workplace.

Factors like the culture, workload, physical environment, or relationships with other employees, should not be overlooked when looking at ways to promote employee wellbeing and job satisfaction. Studies have shown, however, that distracting noises can have a negative impact on a person’s wellbeing.

Sound Masking and Soundscapes

In-office environments, distracting noises can affect employees’ concentration levels, or in some cases, can even make them feel uncomfortable or stressed. For example, it can be quite typical for employees to overhear private conversations unintentionally in the workplace.

This is where Sound Masking is an ideal solution. This system, which consists of a series of emitters, can cover an entire office - including open-plan spaces and meeting rooms, if required.

It works by producing carefully-engineered sounds that match the frequency of human speech. This may seem like an unusual solution, but in practice, sound masking makes conversations around the office much less audible, allowing employees to focus on their work and minimising breaches of privacy. This has a knock-on effect of boosting employees’ wellbeing, and can benefit their overall mental health in the long run through increased workplace satisfaction.

Soundscapes, meanwhile, emit relaxing and calming sounds that can further improve the wellbeing of employees. Numerous ambient sounds are available to choose from, including the soothing sounds of bird song, peaceful running water, or even the buzz of a city centre (for spaces that could be deemed too quiet).

Though this system works great on its own, when paired with Sound Masking the overall effect is enhanced further: the working environment is more comfortable,and employees can have an increased focus on their work.

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