How Do You Soundproof A Call Centre?

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Whether you’re managing an emergency hotline facility or a customer service team, if you’re looking to soundproof your call centre, you’ll want to know what your options are. Or, perhaps more to the point, which solutions will be most effective for your office. In this guide we’re providing expert suggestions to help you create a better acoustic environment.

How to reduce noise in a call centre

Controlling noise levels in a busy call centre can be a challenge. However, there are a number of ways you can address this issue. Call centres are meant to be filled with conversations, but with these solutions, you can create a more pleasant acoustic environment for your employees.

The benefit? Improve audio quality of incoming calls, boost speech privacy and increase employee productivity.

Install Sound Masking

Sound Masking is ambient background sound that is often compared to the sound of gentle airflow. Importantly, it’s unobtrusive, meaning it won’t distract your employees. It also can’t be heard on the other end of the phone.

By matching the frequency of human speech, the system reduces noise distractions and boosts speech privacy. In call centre offices, Sound Masking is able to minimise disruptions from approximately 15m to just 6m.

The audio quality and intelligibility of your phone conversations will be enhanced.

The emitters can be placed into zones that cover all or part of your call centre, depending on your requirements. They are typically installed in the plenum of the ceiling, although they can be installed elsewhere if required.

The great thing about Sound Masking for call centres is that it can provide complete coverage. You can also control the volume based on how busy your office is throughout the day.

Choose absorbing materials

Another route you can take, and one that complements Sound Masking, is installing absorbing materials in your office interior. An echoey office is not an ideal environment for a call centre. Glass and brick are common materials found in modern office spaces, and yet, these are some of the least effective at absorbing sound.

However, swapping floorboards for carpet, installing some acoustic dividers between desks and covering exposed brickwork should help absorb more sound.

Change your office layout

The layout of your office also plays a part in reducing noise levels. Consider the current density of employees. Are they too close together? Could they be better distributed across the room?

Enquire about Sound Masking solutions

We hope this guide to soundproofing call centres will help you reduce noise distractions and create a better work environment. Remark Group works with private and public sector call centres to provide bespoke Sound Masking solutions. Contact us to book a demonstration today