Is A Quiet Office Good For Productivity?

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Peace and quiet are two components that some people swear by when it comes to getting work completed quickly and to a high standard. However, others prefer a little more noise and a bustling atmosphere. In this article, we’re going to explore whether a quiet office is good for productivity.

This question is a little ambiguous because first we need to define what ‘quiet’ actually means. For some, quiet might mean complete silence, whereas for others it might mean some background noise - but not too much.

The truth is that quiet offices can be just as distracting as noisy ones.


Different personalities respond to noise or a lack of noise differently. Introverts typically find noisy environments negatively impact their ability to concentrate. Whereas for extroverts, a little noise can actually create an energising environment to encourage a boost in productivity. In fact if the office is too quiet, extroverted people are more likely to get bored, which could affect their productivity.

Finding the balance between an office that’s not uncomfortably silent, but neither too over-stimulating and loud is usually the best call to action. But how can you keep everyone happy, particularly in open-plan offices?

Interestingly, in Remarks’ Noise and Wellbeing in the workplace survey, it was sudden bursts of noise that employees found most distracting compared to a constant background buzz. Also being surrounded by other people can also be a great motivator and encourage open discussion and collaboration where necessary.

You might be interested to know that there is a one-size fits all approach known as sound masking.

How can you control the level of noise in your office space?

If you’re interested in controlling the levels of noise in your office there are a number of solutions available. These include sound masking and soundscaping acoustic systems.

Sound masking is sound that has been specifically engineered to match the frequency of human speech. It’s a consistent ambient sound that is often compared to a gentle airflow.

You can adjust the volume of the ambient sound according to your requirements - so if you need a little more privacy you can turn up the volume.

The final verdict - is a quiet office good for productivity?

The final verdict is that an office that’s too quiet is not necessarily productive.

Sound masking technology puts you in control of the noise levels in the office and can keep all the personalities in your office content and productive. This will also help you get the balance right between individual-based and collaborative work.

If you’re interested in how this technology could improve productivity in your office spaces, you can arrange a free demonstration at Remark Group.